One2Touch Softpad S1 - NFC in a pocket-sized, physical keyboard

The foldable keyboard - the One2Touch Softpad S1 - packs NFC in a pocket-sized, physical keyboard that brings instant pairing and low battery drain. Typing long emails and documents on an Android smartphone can be faster with the One2Touch Softpad S1.

NFC is on board most of today's Android smartphones, and with NFC-enabled smartphone sales increasing 300% in 2012, the Softpad S1 arrives as the first physical keyboard for Android to harness this exciting technology. The One2Touch Softpad S1 lets Android users touch their device down onto the keyboard's landing pad and start typing instantly. Once known to each other, the phone and keyboard pair instantly whenever the phone is placed on the landing pad.

One2Touch Softpad S1

The keyboard's Norwegian design gives frequent travellers, power typists and physical keyboard enthusiasts the tactile typing experience they crave, at a width equal to a 13-inch laptop. Pairing and remaining connected via NFC drains less battery than a Bluetooth connection, helping users prolong their phone's battery life. Completely wireless, the Softpad S1's lifelong battery requires no charging.

The Softpad S1 uses a split keyboard design, with a bank of keys on the left and right of the landing pad where accommodates smartphones up to 5-inch screen size. One2Touch gives smartphone users who are faster and more accurate on large-scale physical keyboards the device they need to turn their Android phone into a platform for writing. The Softpad S1 brings real, tactile typing back to Android smartphones, using NFC technology that makes it simple, power efficient and completely portable.

Durable and completely pocketable, the One2Touch Softpad S1 is available now online at Brookstone and in Brookstone retail outlets.

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