Cooler Master launches 4 new members of the NotePal family

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Cooler Master launches 4 new members of the NotePal family. NotePals are notebook solutions that are designed for cooling and/or ergonomics. 

People often use cushions to avoid the heat of their notebook on their legs. However, cushions clutter the fans of notebooks causing them to overheat and shorten the life expectancy of the notebook. This is where the Comforter Air comes in. It is a cushion that's comfortable for your legs with a fan unit in the middle. The 100mm fan is connected to the notebook with the embedded USB-cable with cable management. The Comforter Air is compatible with notebooks up to 15.6".

Cooler Master Comforter Air

The Comforter mini is a passive cooling pad for notebooks and tablets. Specifically for people who like to use their notebook or tablet on a non-stable surface, like a bed, couch, cushion, etc. The solid surface allows notebooks to get decent fresh air to the intake, which is important to cool the notebook. On the top of the Comforter mini a groove allows for cable management.

Cooler Master Comforter mini

With the NotePal XL Cooler Master launches a cooling pad that is equipped with a big and silent 230mm fan. This will increase the cooling potential of the notebook and thus life span. It also comes with a fan speed controller and a USB-hub with three USB-connectors. Anti-slip feet keeps the NotePal XL sturdy on the table while spreading a nice glow from its blue LEDs. Compatible up to 17" notebooks.

Cooler Master Notepal XL


Cooler Master Notepal XL back


Cooling aimed towards gamers is what Cooler Master had in mind when developing the CM Storm SF-17. Gaming notebooks are getting very popular as a lot of people like to visit friends and game over at their place. Gaming, however, is demanding a lot of the notebook. This results in high temperatures, which is bad for the life span of the notebook. The CM Storm SF-17 takes care of this with a powerful 180mm fan. It also provides fan speed control and four USB-connections with an integrated USB-hub. The viewing angle can be changed into four positions, which increases the ergonomics when using external peripherals. It's easy to carry around thanks to the rubber handle, for LAN parties and is lit with a red LED-strip. The CM Storm SF-17 is compatible for notebooks up to 19".

CM Storm SF-17


The recommended MSRP of the NotePals are:
• NotePal Comforter Air €29,99
• NotePal Comforter mini €14,99
• NotePal XL €24,99
• CM Storm SF-17 €49,99

These NotePals will be available in September 2013.

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