Steiger Dynamics Leet benefits from Ivy Bridge-E processors

STEIGER DYNAMICS announced that the latest "Ivy Bridge-E" Intel Core i7 processors are now present in their lineup of performance Home Theater PCs, giving both PC gamers and creative professionals the extra power they need.

The latest generation Intel Core i7 processors are available in three solutions – the quad-core i7-4820K, the six-core i7-4930K, and the six-core i7-4960X Extreme Edition – and will be offered on the STEIGER DYNAMICS LEET™ Reference line of Gaming Home Theater PCs, allowing users to choose the processor that fits their needs and their budget. All three processor options are unlocked and ready for overclocking.

Ivy Bridge-E Core i7 Extreme box


Additionally, the performance on these processors offers a combination of Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 which provides the extra speed for demanding applications, and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology which ensures smooth operation and multi-tasking.

Creative professionals will be able to capitalize on the extra power that the six-core processor provides. The LEET™ Reference, containing the Intel Core i7-4690X processor Extreme Edition's extra power will make working more efficient, thus maximizing user productivity.

"This latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors provides the highest overclocking potential among the current Intel lineup and the six-core processors provide the strongest processing performance with any PC, giving the most power and the best performance for gamers and professionals alike," said Martin Gossner, CTO of STEIGER DYNAMICS.

Consumers can purchase the LEET Reference Gaming Home Theater PC at STEIGER DYNAMICS' website.

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