iVektor midi tower is the first model representing the Enermax gaming range

Enermax presents a line-up of gaming products. The iVektor midi tower is the first model representing the Enermax gaming range. The multi-functional ATX midi tower offers maximum usability and expandability for strong gaming rigs and workstations.

The race-inspired design of the case allows for customized gaming rigs. To support higher CPU coolers and reserve more space for the cable routing behind the mainboard tray, the chassis comes with punched side panels.

Enermax iVektor white


iVektor is coated with an innovative rubber skin which creates a quality and stylish appearance of the Enermax case. While a standard steel construction easily transmits vibrations, the new soft-grip coating from Enermax has a shock-absorbing effect, reduces noise and prevents the case from fingerprints and scratches.

Once more, Enermax introduces a case that is well-prepared to cool down high-performance workstations very effectively. One 12cm rear fan is included. With additional five fans, users can upgrade the cooling performance according to the system requirements. For that purpose, Enermax offers a wide range of case fans with different specifications and for various applications.

Enermax iVektor black

Benjamin Schäfer, Marketing/PR Team Leader at Enermax Europe, explains the strategy behind this new product concept: "We aim to reinforce the brand's position in gaming market. Therefore, we have developed a special product line that follows gamers' needs. Our new slogan 'Ahead of the Game' emphasizes the forward-looking design which fulfills the highest demands in terms of quality and reliability. With Enermax gaming products, you will be able to play your games on the top level. They support the latest high-end gaming machines and offer you leading technology for the pure joy of gaming. Until the end of the year, we will continuously extend the gaming line with chassis, power supplies, CPU coolers as well as case fans."The iVektor chassis is further equipped with a RPM switch at the top which can control the speed of up to two installed fans. Good news for the followers of liquid cooling solutions: The midi tower provides enough space under the top panel to mount 240mm radiators.

Enermax has well considered users' needs and integrated a lot of functions to ease the assembling of the PC. Due to the patented SlideIn ODD mounting system, 5.25" drives can be installed completely tool-free. Slide in the ODD into the bay and it will be fixed automatically. For 3.5"/2.5" hard disks and SSDs, iVektor provides a flexible modular system with a lot of options for different configurations. The size of the upper HDD cage can be adjusted to support either 2.5" or 3.5" drives (SSD or HDD).

For longer graphics cards and better air circulation, the cage is completely removable. Two easy accessible USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports at the top offer data transfer with external USB devices.

Enermax iVektor black interior

The Enermax iVektor comes in two colours, snow white (ECA3311A-W) and jet black (ECA3311A-B) with soft touch coating. The MSRP incl. VAT starts from 79.90 Euro for the black version and 84.90 Euro for the white iVektor tower.






ATX Midi Tower




Interior Colour


black / white


SECC / Soft-Grip Coating

Dimensions (D x W x H)

495mm x 234mm x 508mm

Drive bays 5,25"


Drive Bays 3,5"

7x (4x removable)

Drive Bays 2,5"

4x (converted from 3.5" HDD tray)



I/O on top

2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio, Fan Speed Control

Air Cooling - Front

optional: 2x 12cm fan

Air Cooling - Top

optional: 2x 12cm fan or 1x 240mm radiator

Air Cooling - Bottom

optional: 1x 12cm fan

Air Cooling - Rear

pre-installed: 1x 12cm fan

Max. Length Graphics Cards

290mm / 322mm / 415mm (depending on upper HDD cage position)

Max. CPU Cooler Height


Extension card slots


Tubing Holes for Water Cooling


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