X2 presents the ECLIPSE IV, an U-shape tower compatible all around

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X2 presents the ECLIPSE IV, the successor of the Spire TherMax. Starting with the heat-sink, 45 aluminum stacked fins provide a larger surface area. The front and rear sides of the fins are patterned with shark-teeth for better outflow of air which helps to a more silent solution.

Six copper heat-pipes having 6mm in diameter are bend into the tower u-shape to achieve better air-flow and cooling performance. All six heat-pipes are soldered onto the heat spreader-base and cooling fins.



The heat-sink is anodized and coated with pure nickel which fills any tiny imperfections and preserves the copper heat-pipes from oxidation. Asymmetrical heat-sink design ensures sufficient room in the direction of memory slots and RAM height clearance.

Topped with two Nano-tech bearing 120x25mm high airflow DC Fans which are mounted with anti-vibe rubber corners and metal wire clips, and secure mounting with the robust H-bracket, the ECLIPSE IV has application to all current AMD and Intel sockets and micro-processors (LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150, LGA775, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2). It comes with grade-A Thermica SP431 thermal grease that provides best contact and heat transfer.


Main Features:

  • 45 wide aluminum heat-sink fins
  • 6 all copper heat-pipes, 6mm in diameter
  • U-shape tower, unrestricted air-flow
  • All black-nickel coated, preserve from oxidation
  • Asymmetrical heat-sink design, ensuring RAM clearance
  • 2 proprietary Nano-tech bearing 120x25mm DC Fans
  • Anti-vibe rubber fan corners with metal wire mounting-clips
  • Robust H-bracket, secure and universal socket application
  • Including grade-A Thermica SP431 thermal grease
  • Best cooling performance up to 200W TDP
  • Backed by 2 year manufacturer service warranty

The Eclipse IV X2-9862N1-PWM CPU cooler is compatible with the latest ATX boards based on the Intel and AMD Micro-processors sockets.

The MSRP is USD 59.95 / EURO 44.95 (Ex VAT if applicable). The Eclipse IV is now available from X2 Shenzhen, while European branch distribution will commence at the end of September.

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