ECS presents L337 Z87H3-A3X GANK Drone motherboard

ECS presents L337 Z87H3-A3X GANK Drone Series of entry level gaming motherboards that brings great gaming features and value for aspiring hardcore PC gamers. It uses the new Intel® Z87 Express Chipset, enabling support for some of the fastest processors available on LGA1150.

GANK Drone Series ships with an exclusively crafted L337 heatsink design, M.I.B X overclocking software tool, high definition 8-Channel HD Audio with world-famous audio software Sound Blaster Cinema, Intel® I217-V Gigabit LAN optimization for gaming, and the high quality components platform and design that is unmatched in the industry.

ECS Z87H3-A3X Gank Drone

Standard gaming features include 4 Dual-Channel overclockable DDR3 memory at 1600Mhz which doubles up to 3000+Mhz with BIOS adjustable clock rates for boost. 2-Way NVIDIA® SLI™ or 2-Way AMD® CrossFireX™ GPU scaling allows you to double your graphics performance using the PCI-Express X16 Slots with a bandwidth of 32GB/s at 8Ghz.

Lastly, on-board integrated graphics are gaming ready with DirectX 11.1 compatibility, multithreaded rendering and tessellation for rich realistic graphics and fluid gameplay. It's the perfect complement to the integrated triple display output.

Featuring Ice Chokes and all Golden Solid Capacitors combined with EZ BIOS UEFI and M.I.B. X Motherboard Intelligence functions, such as the new pre-configured overclocking profiles, the motherboard offer an overclocking experience for enthusiasts. Golden Solid Capacitors offer a 6x longer lifespan with 20K hours at 65 ℃, and 40% better low temperature endurance – specifically selected for extreme cooling scenarios.

Exclusive ADS (Anti-Dust Shield) Technology with L-shape aluminum baffles design provides protection on the memory DIMMs and graphics card PCIe slots against the harmful dust.  The materials used throughout GANK Drone Series are tailored for the aspiring hardcore gamer looking for a high performance rig and high performance stability, at an affordable starting price. This endurance adds to the value offered by this new gaming motherboard, as it is intended for prolonged extended use and overall motherboard longevity.


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