TRENDnet releases new N150 Travel Router

TRENDnet TEW-714TRUWell known U.S. networking equipment producer TRENDnet announced a new addition to its product line, the wireless N150 Travel Router, model TEW-714TRU. The router enables multiple users to access a single internet connection and is designed with portability in mind.

The compact TEW-714TRU plugs directly into  a power outlet, and can swap three different electrical plug types, American, European and British respectively, and thus can be used almost all over the world.

The TEW-714TRU’s router mode enables users to plug in wired Ethernet internet connection, and acts as a wireless hotspot, sharing that connection with friends , family or colleagues. TEW-714TRU can also share a wireless internet connection throough its WISP mode. Enter the wireless connection’s Username and Password, and the TEW-714TRU will propagate the connection to other devices.

The router also comes equipped with a USB share port in which you can plug in a USB storage device and share its files with connected users. The TEW-714TRU even has a charging port which enables mobile devices to be charged without removing the router to for its socket space.

The TEW-714TRU will be available later this month from selected online and retail sources, and will sell for a recommended $59.99

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