HIS launches R9 280X iPower IceQ X² graphics card

Hightech Information System (HIS) today announced the HIS R9 280X iPower IceQX2 Turbo Boost Clock 3GB GDDR5. The new card features iPower for more voltage, Boost Clock & Turbo for appealing performance, IceQX2 for cooler and quieter performance.

Built on the company's iPower design, the extra PWM phases provide the card with higher and more stable power output which leads to better-than-expected overclocking capabilities. In comparison with 850MHz of the reference board, the core clock of the card has been by default set at 1000MHz.

HIS R9 280X IceQX2

With the latest technologies and features of R9 280X chipset, the card provides an all-round better graphic experience to all users. IceQX2 coolers offer the card a high performance cooling solution. The card is cooler than the reference design and is below 28dB during watching movies, surfing on internet and ordinary working. Even when graphic intensive gaming is being played, the card still remains very quiet.

The card comes with iTurbo overclocking software. With its user-friendly design, the user can control the temperature, speed and voltage of the card easily. The card is further strengthened by HIS Long Lasting Design which effectively prolongs the life span of the card. The special metal RIB provides extra strength to the PCBs to avoid warpage. Loaded with AMD’s latest technology, such as GCN, Apps Faster & Smoother, the card has improved computing performance and power consumption, and offers an overall improved gaming experience

The card currently retails for £239.99 and is available in OCUK.

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