EVGA Z87 Classified, FTW, and Stinger has been launched

The high performance motherboards:  EVGA Z87 Classified, FTW, and Stinger have been launched.

The mobo's feature a redesigned GUI BIOS interface, re-imagined power VRM that focuses on efficiency, and loaded with features such as up to 4-Way SLI, Creative Sound Core3D quad-core audio processor, Intel Gigabit LAN, native SATA 6G/USB 3.0 and more.

These motherboards are designed with the enthusiast-overclocker audience in mind. Built from the ground up to provide essentials needed for overclocking, such as a primarily functional GUI BIOS, a brand new software interface for overclocking from the OS, and durable components.

EVGA Z87 Classified

Listed below are the boards' most important features:

New GUI BIOS – The brand new GUI BIOS from EVGA is primarily functional, relying on the get-in, optimise and get-out. No splash screens to click through, no menus to scroll through, no steep learning curve. 

Exceptional Layout – A right angled 24-pin power connector, right angled fan headers, and a right angled USB 3.0 header for improved airflow and optimised cable management. Optimal PCI-E layout gives you perfect airflow no matter what graphics configuration you are running, and an angled 6-pin aux PCI-E power connector keeps the motherboard clear of any cables that may block airflow.

Up to 4-Way SLI – Full support for the ultimate graphics card configuration. All done in EATX form factor.


Creative Sound Core 3D Audio – Next generation quad-core Sound and Voice processor for  audio and voice processing tech.

Re-engineered for Overclocking – The mobos are built from the ground up to support overclocking.

Intel Gigabit LAN – Of course, since it is a high-end motherboard, it is expected that an Intel-Network controller will be integrated in the EVGA Z87 lineup. Therefore, it is.

Re-imagined VRM – Best industry available integrated power stages support much faster regulation.

EVGA Z87 Stinger

Onboard Features – Onboard power, reset, clear CMOS, and Debug LED show CPU temperature and diagnostics. Also PCI-E disable jumpers simplify troubleshooting.


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