Tt eSports Volos gaming mouse review - A mixed breed

In Mouse Land's remote locations I may encounter peripherals that do not adhere to conventional shapes and sport a slew of exotic features. One such peripheral is the Tt eSports Volos, an MMO & RTS mouse that tries to marry exotic looks and functionality.

Last time I discussed about Tt eSports peripherals was when I took a long hard look at the Meka G1 and G-Unit Illuminated keyboards. Now their latest MMO & RTS mouse, the Tt eSports Volos, has fallen into our mitts, and as it is expected of us, I are going to take a very thorough look at it.

TT eSports - Volos Product Shot

The Volos is a heavy-weight mouse that sports about 14 programmable buttons and 16.8 million color illumination options. What makes it so exotic, most likely has something to do with its origin story, as it looks like the offspring of an Xbox controller and a palm-grip shaped mouse.

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