Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme PC gaming case

A new addition to the Aerocool's line of computer-cases is the Strike-X Xtreme Midi Tower, a case dedicated to ambitious Gamers and combines stylish exterior with spacious and clean interior.

The interior design is offering quite a lot of space for drives and 'other' high-end gaming components (such as those 30cm, almost 12 inch videocards). Users will be able to access the four 5,25 inch (13,34 cm) bays, which are equipped with a tool-free mounting mechanism. Additionally up to six 3,5inch (8,89 cm) respectively 2,5 inch (6,35 cm) hard drives can be mounted into the allocated slots conveniently using the supplied HDD trays.

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme Devil Red

Thanks to the inner layer width of 29,3 cm even flagship VGA cards such as the Nvidia GTX 780 and AMD Radeon HD 7970 can be fitted into the Strike-X Xtreme PC chassis. To support cooling of high-end CPUs, Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme has enough space for CPU Coolers with a total height of up to 17,2 cm and offers an opening in the motherboard tray, allowing easy back-plate mounting. Latest water-coolers can be mounted without hassle thanks to pre-drilled water-pipe holes in the back of the chassis.

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme Devil Red back

Aerocool Engineers focused on features such as decent cooling options, connectivity and cable management. In result, Strike-X Xtreme PC chassis comes with three pre-mounted case fans: One 180 mm case fan is located in the front panel, another 140 mm model in the top panel and the third fan with 120 mm diameter in the rear panel. Mesh-grid in both the front and top panel contributes further to the cooling concept. Built-in cable ducts in the motherboard tray are part of the cable management feature, allowing users to channel or hide cable.

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme features with a rather solid exterior design. Similar to the previously announced Strike-X models, X-shaped mesh-grids can be found on the top and side panel. Power and reset buttons are implemented in the overall design above the Strike-X logo on the top of the chassis. Between the two buttons, two USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm mic and headphone connector can be found. Both USB 3.0 ports can be conveniently connected directly to the motherboard using the blue head-pin connector.

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme White

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme PC chassis will be available in three editions with different color matches. Black Edition is covered completely in black color, except very few red colored elements. White Edition shines in a very stylish white color combined with few blue colored elements. Users seeking a special color match, will fall for the Devil Red Edition, which is covered in black with red mesh-grid on the outside and vibrant red on the inside.

All three editions are available as of today for the following MSRP:

AerocoolStrike-X Xtreme- Black Edition: 59,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX)

AerocoolStrike-X Xtreme- White Edition: 63,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX)

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme- Devil Red Edition: 59,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX)

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme Black


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