Point of View launches TROOPER overclock series: GTX 780 AMMO and GTX 780 MAG

Point of View launches today a new overclocking graphics card series. Introducing "TROOPER" and the first two OC cards available beginning of June: the Trooper GTX 780 AMMO Edition and Trooper GTX 780 MAG Edition.

The mystery force behind this all new brand is a veteran in Graphics overclocking. Skilled in the art of letting stuff run better, faster and more silent - the anonymous Trooper is back and about to kick start performance back to the top.

The recently released NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 already brought games to their knees and now, we're about to detonate the bomb in performance land. In case of performance we can be quite clear, it's never enough and we are all about performance. This new flagship product again makes a huge jump, setting the standard for next generation gaming!

POV Trooper GTX 780 AMMO

It's time to reload and get back into the game with the Trooper GTX 780 AMMO and Trooper GTX 780 MAG editions graphics card.

At this moment we have two models of the GeForce GTX 780 available, the default OC card being the AMMO Edition. The AMMO edition features a nominal core clock of 902 MHz and a boost of 941 MHz. Nice to start with but it gets even better with the MAG edition.
On exactly 941 MHz, the MAG edition will take it over and pushes that up to 980 MHz for the boost clock.

POV Trooper GTX 780 MAG


All Trooper cards are left with a rather high margin for manual overclocking so if you think you can do it better, rock on.

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