FiiO M3 DAP review - Tiny and powerful

Fiio M3 - Product Image

The world of high-end DAPs is an expensive one, with few options available for users on a budget. FiiO already has a relatively cheap, small-ish player, the X1, but recently they prepared an even more lightweight model, that being the M3.

With a

Acer XR341CK monitor review - Ultra-wide and curvy

Acer -XR341CK - Monitor

As FreeSync and G-Sync become ubiquitous, gaming screens are suddenly a main focus for most monitor manufacturers. Acer is one such driver at the moment, pushing the envelope on what this new technology can offer. Such is the nature for one of their

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Display reviews

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB 4K monitor review - Budget UHD

Philips Brilliance 288P - Product Image

Many manufacturers have gone out of their way to create affordable UHD monitors as 4K resolution is becoming more than just a fad. Today, we're checking a recent entry from Philips, the 28-inch Brilliance 288P6LJEB – a more budget oriented

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Display reviews

Acer S277HKwmidpp monitor review - Proper 4K polish

Acer S277HK - Product Image

As good UHD displays become increasingly ubiquitous, 4K is quickly turning into the new high-def standard. Acer is one of the strongest proponents on the market, with wildly different models, for professionals and gamers alike. One such offering is

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Display reviews

AOC G2460PG monitor review - Speedy G-Sync

AOC GP2460 - Product Image

We've only checked a single G-Sync enabled monitor, the ASUS PG278Q. Unfortunately, said screen is not a cheap one, coming with a premium of $1000. It's time, however, to also check a more budgeted offering, one brought by AOC, the

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Display reviews

Brainwavz AP001 portable AMP review - Drop the bass

BrainWavz AP001 - Product Image

The portable headphone AMP landscape is diverse, and I've never even dared look into it, though I've used plenty of portable AMPs in the past. Time to adress this massive oversight, and what better way to do so than with an entry-level device

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