Mimoto Tech announces the new smart pen Mimoto Pen


Mimoto Tech announces that its engineers developed a new smart pen, that can automatically transfer anything you write on a piece of paper directly to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry, MAC or PC, in real-time as you write it.


  • Written by Larisa
  • Category: Gadget news

LG will launch a Smart Watch called G-Arch


It looks like LG will launch a smart watch called G-Arch and a fitness band with the same name, G-Arch.



Device names are self-explanatory, so you can expect something very similar to the Galaxy Gear and Nike fitness band.

LG has

  • Written by Cristian Mateica
  • Category: Gadget news

Livescribe 3 smartpen released

livescribe 3

Smartpen manufacturer Livescribe released today their latest product, the Livescribe 3, in the UK. The smartpen makes handwritten notes more useful on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by instantly transferring handwriting from paper to the screen

  • Written by Eric Blair
  • Category: Gadget news

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