Logitech G602 gaming mouse review - No strings attached

Logitech G602 - Product Shot

True wireless mice are few, usually designed for laptops. Larger PCs, gaming rigs especially are content with hybrid rodents, which can always be strapped with a cable if need be. Logitech G602 is an exception. It's a fully-sized gaming mouse

Logitech G230 gaming headset review - Angular red & black

Logitech G230 - Title Image

If there’s a gaming headset maker that’s under-represented in my reviews that’s Logitech, especially since they have a rather extensive line-up of peripherals. Well, that’s going to change, and the first on my review-list is the entry-level gaming

ASUS GX1000 gaming mouse review - The eagle's metal eyes

ASUS GX 1000 - Title Image

ASUS' Republic of Gamers has a series of gaming peripherals under its belt, and we wanted to see how their gaming-mouse line-up fares, so we tried the flagship aluminum coated gaming mouse, the Eagle Eye GX 1000.

Republic of Gamers is one of those

SteelSeries 9H headset review - The isolationist

SteelSeries 9H - Product Shot watermarkd

We had a look at SteelSeries' flagship headsets, the eSports catered 9H and the massive Siberia Elite. While the Elite is still under testing, the 9H has come out of the gauntlet, and it has a rather lengthy story to tell.

SteelSeries features an

ASUS Vulcan review - A silent headset

ASUS Vulcan - Product Image

The second headset in our audio review series is another pair of cans from ASUS, Echelon's older brother, the Vulcan. This one is a little different from everything else I've got on my list, because, according to ASUS, it is the only gaming headset

Asus Echelon headset review - Camouflaged audio

Asus Echelon - Product Shot 2

Now that I am done with mice (for a while), it is time to take a look at a few headsets and headphones, for the audiophile and for the high-end gamer. Without further ado, I'd like to kick off this audio review series with the Asus Echelon gaming

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