Mafia III and the story of a broken dream

Mafia 3 Fail

Being a mob isn't an easy task. Life sometimes can be a pain and you encounter a lot of problems. The same is available for Mafia III. I hoped that somewhere near this time I would have been able to come up with a review for the game but the odds

Oculus Rift pre-orders now open, priced at $600

Oculus Rift

Oculus has opened the pre-order for the Rift, with a price-point of $599 and promises shipping to 20 countries starting March 28.

Oculus has officially opened up the flood-gates on pre-order for the Rift, though the price-point is somewhat steeper

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Gaming Gear news

Roccat announces modular Kiro mouse

ROCCAT-Kiro side-parts

Roccat unveiled the new modular Kiro mouse, set for release later this month.

Roccat has announced another modular gaming-mouse in the form of Kiro, with an ambidextrous build that can further be customized for right-handed or left-handed users out

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Gaming Gear news

Cougar announced the 700M eSports gaming mouse

Cougar 700M eSports - Black

Cougar has announced the customizable 700M eSports gaming mouse - based on the original 700M design.

The 700M eSports comes with most of 700M features, a different look, and a new coating that gives it a different look and tactile feel. Right now

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Gaming Gear news

G.Skill has announced two Ripjaws mechanical keyboards

GSkill KM780-RGB-MX

G.Skill has revealed two new Ripjaws mechanical keyboards with Cherry switch types - the KM780 RGB and KM780 MX.

G.Skill Ripjaws mechanical keyboards feature Cherry RGB / MX switches, with a rated lifespan of 50-million keystrokes, in red, brown

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Gaming Gear news

Larian returns to Kickstarter for Divinity Original Sin 2


Larian Studios has announced a sequel for Divinity: Original Sin, will soon announce a Kickstarter campaign for it.

The Kickstarter for the role-playing game is slated for launch on August 26, but before that Larian opened up the possibility for

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: RPG news

The first chapter of King's Quest was released

Kings Quest E3 Screenshot 6

Sierra released the first chapter in its new reimagining of one of adventure gaming's most treasured franchises, King's Quest.

Titled King's Quest: A Knight to Remember, this debut chapter is now available as a digital download in North America for

Mionix officially announces the Castor gaming mouse

Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse

Mionix has officially revealed the Castor gaming mouse, a premium offering that should cater towards all grip-types.

The Castor Gaming mouse has first made its appearance last year at Gamescom, but until recently there were no official

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: Gaming Gear news

Life Is Strange Developer Dontnod details Vampyr

Vampyr RPG

French developer Dontnod that previously released Life is Strange and Remember Me, has detailed its upcoming game, Vampyr, an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Vampyr was revealed back in January, when the concept was first introduced. The game is

  • Written by Petrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu
  • Category: RPG news

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